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uncontrollably more than a year ago. when did toyota first learn it had a problem with sudden unintended acceleration. why did it take you almost a year to bring this to the attention of regulators and even more time to tell the public about the problem? is there some policy in your company that prevents you from alerting regulators as quickly as possible about a problem or the public so that we all become aware? [ speaking japanese ] >> translator: in the name of our company's tradition and pride, i can clearly say that whenever a problem arises, toyota pursues is facts thoroughly and rigorously and looks into those matters in great detail. and in doing so, our fundamental approach and stance is to give the highest priority to customers' safety and convenience. in addition to that, once that is accomplished, we provide and create products that also satisfies the mandate of the times. for example, in conserving environment or existing in harmony with nature. now, with respect to your specific question of when we learned about this problem, i do not know when we learned about this problem
look at more of the healing aboard the u.s. ship comfort. >>> angry customers over the toyota recall. >>> hard numbers on the budget out today, including more red ink than ever. how it may finally clip some expensive wings. our "fleecing of america" tonight. >>> knowing the drill. meet a woman who's breaking barriers, giving orders and gaining respect. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> we have been closely following the issue of how d difficult it is for american families to adopt children from haiti. members from a church group in the u.s. are accused of trying to take 33 children out of the country, including children whose parents are reportedly alive. members of the group say they were trying to rescue vulnerable orphans, while one member of the haitian government insists they knew what they were doing was wrong. all of this as that country continues a life and death struggle every day. now 20 days since the quake. we begin here tonight with nbc's michelle kosinski in port-au-prince. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. these ten americans, one of whom
>>> tonight on "world focus --" " >> the latest road block for toyota a new recall of hundreds of thousands of cars, and a new apology from the chairman. >>> from africa, new allegations and pictures that may implicate nigerian security forces in the killing of civilians during a battle with islamic insurgents last summer. >>> and in our signature story, an update on a big idea. making electric vehicles more practical by creating a vast network of charging spots. are they the service stations of the future? >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the globe, this is "world focus." major support has been provided by rosalynp. wall street irand peter g. foundation, addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. welcome to "world focus," i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we start with the world's largest automaker, toyota and its attempt to fix its cars and its reputation. in tokyo today the company announced its latest recall, more than 400,000 prius and ot
>>> i'm tamron hall. right now on "msnbc live," toyota's president center stage, akio toyoda expected to take full responsibility for problems with sudden acceleration and massive global recall. is it enough to convince car buyers to trust the company again. >>> monster snowstorm. rain and snow target the northeast in two separate storms. this time forecasters are using the term snow hurricane. >>> rob blagojevich, ethics spartanberg? the disgraced governor finds a new calling as the voice of truth. what university booked blago to speak about ethics. >>> the navy lifts a decade-old policy for military members serving on submarine crews. the story behind the change. >>> we're following the congressional hearing on toyota's massive recalls and whether both the automaker and the government really did enough to protect consumers. we're still waiting for what is being called the main event, which is the testimony from toyota's chief executive, akio toyoda. he's here from japan to talk about the problems. the highlight of the hearing so far, transportation secretary ray lahood gett
the president cut back. >>> toyota fix for runaway cars, the government says not to fast. >>> compassion of crime. news about rushing children out of the haitian country. >>> and we are the world far generation. tonight, 25 years later, the torch is passed. >>> and good evening. the numbers in the president's new budget seem to defy gravity. today he zlifred a budget with the largest amount of spending in american history, nearly $4 trillion. and with all the heat he is taking about deaf silts, we finally wlearn the president says can be cut from the budgets and should stay. >> if it's paid for in redink. here is jam tapper ats white house. >> reporter: good evening. on the same day, he introduced his massive budget, the president acknowledged that government spending cannot continue at this pace. >> the bottom line is this. we simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits don't have consequences, as if waste doesn't matter, as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the american people can be treated like monopoly money. >> reporter: the budget includes $3 billion more for education spending
that you came. it shows real concern on the part of toyota, and i also want to compliment toyota dealers around the country. i went to a couple of toyota dealers this last week to take a look at what's going on and they're working day and night to correct these mistakes, and so to your toyota dealers, i want to say thank you for working so hard to correct these problems. now after having said that first of all, i have a case here that took place in 1997. i don't want to go into all of the details on it, but a woman was injured in an automobile accident involving a toyota. she lost both legs. and i would like for you to review that, and if you wouldn't mind giving me a response. would do you that for me? >> yes, certain. >> okay i will have my staff give this to you so that we can talk about that. the second thing i want to do is, i don't understand this. i went to the toyota dealer, and this -- this is the floor pedal mechanism that's news japan, and in some cars here in america. this is one that's manufactured by cts here in the united states and it is sts? and they have done a idea job
but similar in floor pedal in which the toyota pedal itself was shortened. and now in the case of all these models, there is an electronic upgrade additionally to prevent an accident like we had in 2009. would that be the outcome today, the outcome of the recall including the electronics upgrade to advanced brake override, is that the type of learn from your mistake that we can expect in the future on any problem that develops? [ speaking japanese ] >> translator: i do not know the situation you referred to about 2007. but generally speaking, whenever a problem occurs, toyota addresses those problems in the most sincere manner and attitude. >> may i make a comment? >> yes, please. >> i came to know japan's problem, to be shameful, only in the previous year you mentioned. and that was the very first time that i ever heard. and, therefore, let me look into that if it is correct or not. but at the same time, i think we're a company that we learn great lessons for me from this instance and we try to do more. so i think this -- you know, we are committed that we try to remain as great comp
i meant which is produced here, supplied here and then -- so that's all -- >> many toyotas are produced here and supplied here, aren't they? we're pleased to have you produced and supplied here but world wide reputation begins in japan and stands behind wherever they are produce. sometimes they are produced in europe. >> that's very true. >> mr. toyoda, i was impressed with your opening remarks. in fact, i'm impressed with you're being here and i'm impressed with some of -- of what you have said of what you intend to do because we're really trying to go forward. i am trying and n my own questions to get some sense -- >>> and the closing bell has sounded on wall street. hi, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. you are watching live coverage of toyota president and ceo, akio toyoda testifying on capitol hill today facing some very tough questions from lawmakers on the company's massive auto recall. we're going to take you back to that hearing in just a minute but how we finished the day on wall street and a pretty good day as far as stock price perform pans higher, pretty much fro
: forget about all the critics coming down fast and furious on toyota in washington. fox on top of snow coming down faster and more furry on more and seemingly everywhere. a few more inches in dallas on the verge of a 30-year record. 2 feet in moscow. a 40-year record a mess of it in the big apple. a familiar record. and it is going to get worse, my friend. talk of a blizzards headed east and u.s. senator who has had enough of it in washington. he's not mad at mother nature, he's mad at al gore, yeah, al gore. >> welcome, i'm neil cavuto, winter ain't letting up which has the oklahoma senator fed up. inhofe has called warming a hoax and today he demands the justice department investigate what he calls the greatest scientific scandal of our generation, first witness he wants to see testify, al gore. with us now, james inhofe, any reaction from the former vice president? >> well, we have not heard anything from al gore, neil and i don't anticipate we will but we would like to have him hold a hearing in environment public works. every assertion in his science fiction movie has been dis pro
." >>> grilled before congress, toyota's president says sari for the technical problems -- says sari for the technical problems that prompted the recall of millions of vehicles. >> toyota will work vigorously to restore the trust of our customers, thank you. >> a rare statement for a cuban leader, raul castro regrets the death of a political dissident. three google executives are violate -- are convicted in italy for violating privacy laws. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america. coming up later, the bbc's correspondent cents a day with the air force. and copper sale had of it -- and controversial head of the protestant church is caught drunk driving and resigns. >>> hello. 24 hours ago, congress heard tearful testimony from the head of toyota in the u.s. today, we heard from the man whose name is on every vehicle produced by the carmaker. it he made a lengthy public apology for the mechanical faults affecting millions of vehicles worldwide. he pledged his full cooperation with the u.s. government's investigation, but insisted no electronic faults have been discover
developments on greece. >> the chicago auto show is getting underway. toyota is one of the headline stories that we are watching, including the possibility of the president of toyota coming to the united states sometime in march. we'll have to wait and see on that one. >> other than that, not much going on on capitol hill this week. washington, d.c. is digging out from the huge storm. hearings that were to be held this week have been pushed back, including toyota's massive recall. >> this week a class action lawsuit was filed against toyota on behalf of people who bought the stock. the suit alleges investors were misled when toyota failed to disclose an accelerator design defect. >> auto watchers are not so quick to turn away from the recall on prius 2010 models for brake problems and the sticky accelerator problem that prompted a recall. >> the japanese have a problem with that. i realize disclosure in japan are different, but in america, people expect the problem to be dealt with right away. >> the company stock is rattled by the recalls. a few months ago, toyota shares were riding high s
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>>#xhtoyota's troubles grow deeper. today it's the prius under fire. once the darling of the toyota fleet, now it may too have problems. from france, more of a story we've been following closely. controversy about muslim identity and what it means to be french. we'll travel to a country where tobacco companies are going after young smokers in indonesia. >>> how do you hide a castle. this man spent four years building aefÑ this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to fltsuing fiscal responu and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> welcome to "worldfocus." i'mljit dhaliwal in new york. as the saying goes, when it rains it poors. for the japanese carmaker, toyota, the bad news keeps on coming. some makes of the toyota prius considered to be the pride of ihc brakes. the admission comes only a week after the company extended the production and sale of toyota models because of a
at toyota. ali is here, paul is going to stick around with us and we are ready to rock and roll. >> all right, we'll debrief tomorrow. good to see you, tony. >> have a great day. >>> welcome, everybody, it is wednesday, the 24th day of february. he is the man of the hour. cnn live coverage as congress questions toyota's president about his company's safety recalls and the way he has handled it. on the story, congressional correspondent brianna keilar covering the house oversight committee hearing, chief business correspondent ali velshi is here focusing on the financial fallout on toyota and kyung lah watching repercussions in japan as the nation's revered brand navigates a crisis of confidence. good morning, everyone, i'm tony harris and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> so let's go. round two of the toyota recall hearings starts right now on capitol hill, and you are looking at live pictures of the house oversight committee session. the much-anticipated testimony from the company president, akio toyoda, coming today. a main part of his challenge addressing victims like the woman who
that we want this toyota to really fix this quickly, not only for the customers but for the workers and the families that depend on them having a job. until all of you have been in your position? >> since july of 2006. as an evp, then president, then president coo. but basically the same responsibility. >> i read an article, i don't remember what paper, about a week and a half ago maybe. it was really talking about the history that toyota has in not responding to complaints. but it started out by saying that in the late '80s, toyota would actually go to a customer's home and say your car has a problem. we pick it up. they pick it up and take it and fix it. by late '9 o's and beyond that, toyota started maybe fixing problems that they found in future cars and not even telling the other customers about the problems. and then we have the failures that have brought us here today. so that's a total culture shift over that period of time. can you tell us what happened? i mean what happened to the toyota of the '80s to bring us to the toyota of the 2010? >> one comment before that is there
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> toyota's troubles grow deeper. today it's the prius under fire. once the darling of the toyota fleet, now it may too have problems. fr france, more of a story we've been following closely. controversy about muslim identity and what it means to be french. we'll travel to a country where tobacco companies are going after young smokers in indonesia. >>> how do you hide a castle. this man spent four years building a secret dreamhouse. now it may come tumbling down. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. for the japanese carmaker, toyota, the bad news keeps on coming. today, the auto maker admitted some
problems. toyota admitses there were design flaws with the brakes on the latest model of its popular hybr hybrid. >>> and decision day. ten americans held in haiti on suspicion of child trafficking expected to learn their fate today. this is the c"cbs morning news" for thursday, february 4th, this is the c"cbs morning news" for thursday, february 4th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston in for michelle gielan. the democrats' supermajority in the senate officially ends this afternoon. that's when republican scott brown will be sworn into take over the massachusetts senate seat long held by edward kennedy. one of brown's first votes could be on a jobs bill. the senate plans to introduce that bill today. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. well, at brown's request, the ceremony was originally scheduled for next week, but he says it's time to get to work. scott brown doesn't want to wait another day to become massachusetts' new senator. >> i'm ready to go work. >> reporter: the republican will be s
with a former seaworld employee who knew the whale well. switching sides-- questionable ties between toyota and the federal agency that's charged with regulating it. and american olympians draw real inspiration-- >> this is your time! >> couric: ...from a pint-sized imitation. >> this is your time! captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. anyone tuning in to daytime television today saw something unprecedented-- the president and members of congress holding a summit before live cameras on a major piece of legislation, health care reform. but it was less negotiating than speech making, and as new as this was, you might have gotten the feeling you'd heard it all before. republicans said let's start from scrasm. democrats said forget it. so where do they go from here? we have extensive coverage tonight, beginning with our chief white house correspondent chip reid. and, chip, the chances of both sides meeting halfway and singing kumbaya were pretty slim from the get-go. >> repor
with that recalled toyota. the transportation secretary first says... >> stop driving it. >> couric: then does a sharp u-turn. >> what i meant to say.... >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, training for the super bowl. >> on the ground, don't move! don't move! >> couric: this team has to be ready for anything. and the american spirit. he spent a lifetime making eyeglasses. now he makes smiles. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. this day began with yet another big recall, but this time it was the secretary of transportation, ray lahood, forced to recall his own words after he said owners of recalled toyotas should stop driving them. that set off alarms, and he quickly said he meant they should take the cars in for repairs, especially now that dealers have the parts to fix the more than two million vehicles recalled for potential sticky accelerateors. but will the fix actually work? and are they even sure what caused the problem? dean reynolds begins tonight's covera
, and that is a record. coming up next, a cbs news investigation, how former federal regulators may have helped toyota steer clear of costly recalls. >> couric: when was the last time you saw a top executive weep in public? the president of toyota chocked up last night as he thanked a group of american dealers for supporting him through the company's troubles. >> you and your colleagues across america, around the wor world, were there with me. >> couric: the video was played over and over on tv in japan, where an emotional display of remorse is considered a virtue. akio toyoda said today his company has to rethink its operations after 8.5 million vehicles were recalled for unintended acceleration. all of this has focused new attention on÷ the federal agency responsible for the recalls and the revolving door between the two. sharyl attkisson has this cbs news investigation. >> reporter: critics in congress say toyota pulled strings at n.h.t.s.a. with help from two former insiders, christopher santucci's job at n.h.t.s.a. was to conduct defects investigations of auto makers and some of his probes were
. that's the urgenmessage from toyota today to millns of car owners dealing with fects in gas pedals. >> tom: susie, t recall has been a big crisis for yota. nothe giant automaker is shipng new parts to dealers and says it will wor24/7 to make repairs. >> susie: there are about 5 million vehicles affected. the remedy involves tting a metal bar in the acceleror to keep the pedal from stking. is this really gng to fix the problem? that'she first question i asked toyota'sresident for u.s. sales. >> we are veryvery confident th we have all the issues taken care of. >> susiejim, are you sure there isn't somether glitch going on because some people have bee questioning wheer the pedal oblem is really a mputer ectronics probl. >>t's not. we kw what happened to ese pedals. we have tested our electronics on our vehicle we have do everything tha we can to t to tck the systemo fail. and it doesn't becse there are many fail-saf that are built into thoseystems so it can't >> susie: u said your dealers will be wking around the clock toake these repas. how quickly doou fix.5 million hicles. >> i ca
involucrado seria un toyota camry de los ultimos modelos y presentaria danos de consideracion en la parte delantera..cualquier persona que sepa del paradero de este vehiculo y su conductor deben llamar de inmediato al telefonono 703-691-2131.. el sistemade transporte metro recibira nuevos vagones para sus trenes que permitirian soportar de mejor manera futuros accidentes... 7-mil nuevas unidades seran entregadas en el 2013, y podrian entrar en circulacion un ano despues... estos vagones tendran una estructura de acero y son mas robustos... mientras tanto funcionarios de metro testificaron hoy ante la junta de seguridad nacional en el transporte, durante una audiencia relacionada con el x ha sido arrestada hoy por una serie de como deborah sterling de 58 anos con domicilio en clifton enfrenta cuatro cargos por estafa a cargo de un ncionario publico, un cargo por fraude por computadora y otro cargo por falsificar documentos publicos...el arresto se produjo despues que las autoridades fueron alertadas el pasado 17 de febrero de una serie de irregularidades en la corte.. continuan las investi
right now. >>> hi, everybody. breaking news tonight. that's where we start. toyota recalling its 2010 prius hybrids worldwide. we'll have a live report from tokyo talking about what we think is going on. we start with the matsh up. an incredible rescue in hate at this time. a 28-year-old man pulled from the rubble. this is nearly a month after the quake. he is severely dehydrated, malnourished and confused but alive. take a look. >> 28 days that we're hearing he was buried. it's hard to believe. >> yeah. he was emaciated and he didn't drink or eat in quite some time. he had open wounds that were festering on both of his feet, and in the story that we were told that he was actually in the rubble in the marketplace. they were digging through that. >> dr. sanjay gupta is at the hospital in haiti where the survivor is treated right now, and he's going to join us shortly. >>> sarah palin taking some heat today for using crib notes written on her hand during her appearance at the national tea party convention. the speech got lots of attention over the weekend. in case you didn't hear, liste
theater, triple cast gold has to go to the congressional grilling of akio toyoda, the toyota chief who took responsibility for a mess he says is contained butty. then it got nasty. >> let me see, is that a yes or no? that's what i'm trying to get to. >> steven morris says the implications of this nastiness are bigger than you know. steve, explaining. >> by the way, was that a yes or no? >> i don't know, man oh man. what a parade here. >> it was high theater today and you're right, i like the way you opened it. when you're one of the most unpopular groups in america as congress is, go after somebody more unpopular which is toyota. but this was a small of congress to bring this leader from a foreign company to the united states, spending the entire time browbeating the guy. i don't have apologies for the behavior but i think the idea of attacking him relentlessly, i'm not sure what it does but makes congress seem as if they care. >> the rule? japan is that we're pushing this too far and they don't see this quite the way we do, that we're aggressively going after largely none noon company
>>> on the broadcast tonight, the rough road for toyota. the car maker remains in crisis. now there's a new worry about another problem with their cars, and today the obama administration briefly made things worse. >>> decision time for those americans arrested in haiti. they get their day in court, but what happens to the children? >>> security blanket. counting down to the olympic games in vancouver where they are putting safety first. >>> and a force of nature who sees green where others simply see mean streets. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. today the u.s. secretary of transportation told americans they should stop driving their toyotas until the gas pedal problem gets fixed. he then about 90 minutes later thought better of it, perhaps realizing a lot of americans have no choice and were at the moment on the road in their toyotas. the secretary of transportation then dialed back his remarks. toyota, however, remains mired in a big problem. car sales are still frozen. there's skepticism regarding their suggested fix of t
needs to be recalled. >> thank you. >> i'm contessa brewer. keeping an eye on capitol hill. toyota's ceo is expected to come under the glare of congressional scrutiny of the safety of his vehicle and testifying before house lawmakers, right there. sewer seeing dennis kucinich questioning the transportation secretary ray lahood about what the government's role is in the safety of the vehicles. the victims of toyota's troubles will be watching closely. i will talk with the trio of daughters who lost their mom in a runaway vehicle and a toyota dealer struggling with lagging sales and customer distrust in the safety of those cars. >>> wall street gives out $20 billion in bonuses. bonanza. banks are cutting lending at rates not seen since world war ii. >> i must point out hannah storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. she's got on red go-go boots and catholic school plaid skirt, way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now. and she's got on her typically very, very tight shirt. so she looks like she's got sausage casing wrapped around her upper body. >> espn host to
out what we can change. >> lehrer: then, toyota recalls another 400,000 cars worldwide. >> woodruff: and spencer michels reports on the demise of a joint venture between general motors and toyota in california. >> i'm a single mom so it's pretty scary. it seems like there's, you know, lots of other people out there looking for jobs as well. >> lehrer: and rising debt burdens in europe have had an impact here in the u.s. jeffrey brown takes a look. that's all ahead on tonight's "pbs newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. >> every business day bank of america lends nearly $3 billion to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations, and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. grow
. trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture. >>> i'm tamron hall on msnbc, questioning toyota any minute now. the president of toyota will try and explain his company's actions before and after the massive global recall. can the grandson of the man who started toyota repair its image? live coverage of day two of that congressional hearing on the company's safety record. >>> and bonus here, bonus there, before you know it another great year for wall street and record bonuses. new numbers, billions of dollars, handed out again to wall street. rolling stones' matt taibbi and the bailout hustle. a math teacher being called a hero after two students are shot. the incident happened in the same community left devastated after the deadliest school shooting in our country's history. he hear what teachers and witnesses are saying today. >>> the star witness to testify on day two of the congressional hearing on toyota's massive recalls. toyota's president, akio toyoda, is here from japan, a leading japanese newspaper says his performance will be a crucial test for his company. this follo
toyota says will remedy its pedal problems, the government and automaker deepened their disagreement on the scope and cause of the malfunction and added to customer confusion in the process. first at a congressional hear the transportation secretary bluntly told anyone who owns a it to... >> stop driving it, take it to the toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it. >> reporter: but minutes later, he backtracked. >> what i said? there was obviously a misstatement. i'm... what i meant to say and what i thought i said was if you own one of these cars or if you're in doubt, take it to the dealer and they're going to fix it. >> reporter: toyota raced to acknowledge lahood's clarification, but worried customers were already flooding toyota switch boards. >>d you buy the vehicle here with us? >> it creates a lot of confusion and it's a a real issue because consumers have legitimate concerns and need straight answers. >> reporter: like the one from service manager brian coster of grossinger toyota of chicago. are you confident this little guy here is going to fix the proble
tv's in death. >> james lentz, chief operating officer for toyota sales talks about the recent recall of millions of vehicles. later we will hear from one couple who experienced problems with the accelerator on their lexus. this portion is about one hour and a half. >> thank you for inviting me here today. my name is james lentz, and i am the officer of toyota motor sales u.s.a.. in my testimony iç will address the recent recalls and actions that were taken to restore trust in the millions of americans who purchase and drive our vehicles. for twoç generations we providd americans with cars and trucks that are safe and reliable. we intend to produce safer in higher-quality vehicles in the future. even as we pave the way for the next generation of electric vehicles and hybrids. in recent months we have not lived up to our high standards our customers have come to expect from toyota. çit has taken us too long to ce to grips with a rare but serious set of safety issues despite our good faith efforts. the problem has also been compounded by our poor communications within the company
. many toyotas are produced here and supplied here. but the worldwide reputation -- sometimes they're produced in japan, sometimes europe. >> that is very true. >> mr. toyoda, i was impressed with your opening marks -- your opening remarks and your being here. i am curious what you are going to do. i am trying in my own questions to get some sense of whether we need to have confidence and where there is still some questions. in your testimony, you say, and i am quoting -- this is page one of your testimony. toyota's priority has traditionally been the following. first, safety, second quality, and third volume. i am going to ask you about what seems to be a fourth priority that is for me the most .roubling aspect that is for me the most troubling aspect of this controversy. and that first fourth quality is secrecy. to get to the heart of my concern about secrecy and the culture of secrecy, i would go to the data recorder, otherwise known as black box. people in the united states are very familiar with airline black boxes because they know that a in that black box is critical informa
seat. >>> we begin with a big bump in the road for toyota, so to speak. there's now a problem with the prius that's coming to light. more than 100 owners have registered complaints about the brakes in the popular hybrid. toyota admits it discovered a design flaw last month but never made it public. there's also a new development with the sticky accelerator pedals that prompted toyota to recall millions of other vehicles. some safety experts claim it is not the pedals that are causing the problem but actually an electronics problem, an electrical situation. combine that with a stunning comment yesterday from transportation secretary ray lahood, and it's no wonder millions of toyota customers are confused. >> my advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it it, take it to the toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it. >> well, lahood later clarified those comments. he meant, he said, that owners should get their cars fixed as soon as possible. the transportation chief also promised to widen his agency's probe into a possible electronic cause
and high honor to introduce the president of the united states. company. at toyota, we believe the key to making quality products is to develop quality people. each employee thinks about what he or she should do, continuously making improvements, and by doing so makes even better cars. we have been actively engaged in developing people who share and can execute on this core value. it has been over 50 years since we began selling in this great country, and over 25 years since we started production here. and in the process, we have been able to share this core value with the 200,000 people at toyota operation, dealers and suppliers in this country. that is what i am most proud of. second, i would like to discuss what caused the recall issues we are facing years, been exp business rapidly. quite frankly, i fear the pace at which we have grown may have been too quick. i would like to point out here that toyota's priority has traditionally been the following. fir first, safety; second, quality; third, volume. these priorities became confused and we are not able to stop, think and make impr
. >>> toyota is promising repairs on the sticky gas pedals on some of their cars should begin by the end of the week. there are more than 4 million vehicles that need the fix. the problem is caused by pedestrian gals that sti pedals that stick and cause unwanted acceleration. the president of toyota insists their cars are safe. >> i drive toyotas. my family members drive toyotas. my friends and neighbors drive toyotas. i would not have them in product prukts that i knew were not safe. >> toyota said the new part is an effective solution that's been through rigorous testing. locally, dealerships are looking to accommodate customers looking for repairs. >> it seems to be a waiting game. toyota is promising to start the fix this week. while local dealers tell us it might be next week. dealers in toyota say they hope to have the new part in their hands by early next week. in the meantime, lake forest toyota has hired additional technicians to take on the overwhelming burden. but they can't train on how to stop the new part until the part and the directions to it actually arrive at the dealer
's the brake. the government opens up a new investigation of toyota. and such sweet sorrow. pandas leave america for the land of their roots and bamboo shoots. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. we're beginning tonight on wall street where investors were running for the exits today, dumping stock because of new worries about the economy. the dow traded below 10,000 for the first time in three months, then recovered some, but still closed with a loss of 268 points. stocks have now given back all their gains since early november. anthony mason is our business coirnt. anthony, we haven't seen a sell-off like this in quite a while? what was behind it. >> reporter: this was the dow's first one-at a point drop since last april. it took 29 of the 30 stocks in the index down with it as the market got another case of the jitters about jobs. stocks were sent into a tailspin by the latest jobs report which showed the number of people filing for unemployment benefits for the fi
from the president of toyota's north american sales, james lents. he tells the committee that the recalls probably will not totally fix the problem. that hearing is next on c-span. >> my name is rhonda smith and this is my husband of 38 years. i am a retired social worker with the state of tennessee and my husband is a senior vice president at a bank. i am truly bankable to be here today and i am speaking on behalf of those -- thankful to be here today and i speak on behalf of those who have lost their lives unnecessarily. in my new car in 2006 -- it had just under 3,000 miles on it when the accident occurred. the vehicle had a keyless ignition and required a key to be inside the car for it to start. on that day in 2006, and i will read this, because i can tell you if still gets to me today. i was driving from my home down the highway to the interstate 40. upon entering the interstate, i accelerated into the flow of traffic. at this point, a merged into the second lane, not going into passing year. at this time, i lost all control of the acceleration of the vehicle. the c
>>> another recall for toyota? toyota denies it's about to recall its latest model of the popular prius hybrid. >>> job jitters. the latest unemployment report out later today and the news is not expected to be good. >>> and brace for impact. a major storm ready to pound mid atlantic states with up to two feet of snow. this is the "cbs morning news" feet of snow. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 5th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randall pinkston in for michelle gielan.ining us. in the news this morning, toyota is denying reports in a highly respected squap these newspaper that it will recall the latest version of its popular prius hybrid. tara mergener is in washington with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, randall. well, according to that report, this recall is looming, yet another hit to toyota's once stellar image. toyota this morning is denying published reports that it will recall 270,000 prius hybrids. on thursday, the auto giant admitted there are problems with the antilock brakes in the
. >> toyota's head hancho breaking his silence. we look at the odds of an even bigger recall down the road for the japanese automaker. we will look at the impacts this is having on all automakers skchlt the impact of rising u.s. china tensions. blach highly anticipated, ♪ as is something else. a shipment of natural sea salt from cargill, essential for preserving the catch. we deliver the salt on precise schedules... and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast; saving the fishermen money, and their catch. this is how cargill works with customers. >>> for toyota investors an interesting day. their stock was not beaten up. this as the ceo of toyota calls a press conference in japan and apologizes for the worldwide recalls that have affected more than 7 million vehicles. it's highly unusual for him to call a press conference but he said that the company will be instituting an outside firm to work on quality control with toyota and apologized for causing worries with customers. >> believe me toyota's goal is safety. believe me, customer first is always first priority. >> there is stil
evening everyone. help is on the way. that's the urgent message from toyota today to millions of car owners dealing with defects in gas pedals. >> tom: susie, the recall has been a big crisis for toyota. now the giant automaker is shipping new parts to dealers and says it will work 24/7 to make repairs. >> susie: there are about 2.5 million vehicles affected. the remedy involves putting a metal bar in the accelerator to keep the pedal from sticking. is this really going to fix the problem? that's the first question i asked toyota's president for u.s. sales. >> we are very, very confident that we have all the issues taken care of. >> susie: jim, are you sure there isn't some other glitch going on because some people have been questioning whether the pedal problem is really a computer electronics problem. >> it's not. we know what happened to these pedals. we have tested our electronics on our vehicles. we have done everything that we can to try to trick the system to fail. and it doesn't because there are many fail-safes that are built into those systems so it can't. >> susie: you sai
you. back in this country, more problems for toyota. and for people who own their cars. the federal government is now looking into the 2010 prius. it's received 124 complaints about problems with the antilock brakes that may have led to four crashes. here's national correspondent dean reynolds. >> reporter: already trying to correct millions of malfunctio malfunctioning accelerators, toyota today admitted the 2010 version of its popular hybrid, the prius, won't always stop when you want it to. the transportation department quickly opened yet another investigation of the embattled car maker. >> it's the brick on brick, bad news upon bad news that just kills your reputation. >> reporter: stephen weiss has has. ed four toyotas because of its stellar reputation but his new prius has shaken his faith. you step on the brake and ... it feels like nothing o heart-racing occasions, his prius ran stop signs, even though he was stepping on the brake. he and others say foul weather and bumpy roads can cause the problem. >> since then, i've been avoi avoiding potholes, manhole covers
that reflects on toyota's disregard for its loyal customers and employees. i refer to the decision to recently shut down operations at a plant in fremont, california, which will cost us about 35,000 jobs in the state. i do not believe that toyota has done enough to prevent this loss of jobs. . record, mr. chairman. >> will be, without objection. >> mr. lentz, toyota is currently experiencing major public relation problems and the public concern about safety failures is going to hurt your bottom line. california is one of your biggest markets, and it's obvious that keeping numi open will help rebuild your image. wouldn't that be beneficial to toyota? >> our image is beneficial, but specifically, numi? i think we have to be clear that toyota is not shutting down numi. numi is shutting down numi. it's a separate corporation that was 50% owned by toyota and owned by general motors. and when general motors moved into bankruptcy and the new partner became motors holding -- liquidation holding, it was general motors abandoning numi that set this in play. that's the truth of the matter. when they pull
. this is extraordinary, the man behind the international brand, expected to apologize to millions of toyota owners and to answer some very angry lawmakers. we are watching the hearing, we will bring you his remarks the moment it happens. >>> 1:00 here in the east, topping the show, republicans asking more questions today about who exactly is working inside the nation's top law enforcement office. a defiant department of justice refusing to name names when it comes to which of its attorneys used to represent terror suspects. the doj represents the people of this country, so don't the people have a right to answers? that's where we begin this hour, welcome to "america live", i'm megyn kelly. certain republican lawmakers are upset that attorney general eric holder is refusing to identify which lawyers at justice are hot off the heels of representing terror suspects. new york congressman pete king is one of those republicans. he's the ranking member of the house homeland security committee and he's my guest now. congressman, thank you for being here. what is it that eric holder has not done that you w
is turning the corner? if your toyota is safe? we'll answer your questions tonight on "washington week." >> never have so many members of the house and senate behaved show well for so long before so many television cameras. gwen: they did behave well. but they did not agree. >> the solution to that is to put that on the shelf and to start over with a blank piece of paper. >> the gaps in my judgment are not that great. gwen: honest differences of opinion or rank partisanship? >> both of us during the campaign promised change in washington. >> let me just make this point, john. because we're not campaigning anymore. the election's over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. gwen: one almost certain casualty, bipartisanship. but is ere room for cross-party cooperation on another key issue? >> the yeas are 70. the nays are 28. gwen: the senate passes a jobs bill. and one of the world's most powerful businessmen receives a congressional scolding. >> if the camry and prius were airplanes, they would be grounded. gwen: trouble at toyota. covering the week, karen tumulty of "time" magazine. john
account. why toyota's fix for the problem might not fix much. and lawmakers are keeping them honest. will firing each and every teacher in a failing school solve the problem? we're about to find out. it just happened. and you'll hear from both sides of the pink slip. and late word about six haitian orphans adopted by american parents but stuck in legal limb know. -- limbo 7. an update tonight and it looks good. . >>> she called it six miles of terror trying to stop her lexus. >> i parade for god to help me. i called my husband on the blue tooth phone system. i knew -- i'm sorry. i knew he could not help me, but i wanted to hear his voice one more time. in 2006 and '07, we hoped our efforts might spare others of unnecessary terror and pain, and it pains our hearts deeply to realize that we failed. but this failure is certainly shared by toyota and nissan today. in our view, they've demonstrated an uncaring attitude and disregard for life. the results have been tragic, and today i must say shame on you toyota for being so greedy. >> rhoda smith testifying before a congressional subcom
, the apology heard around the world. toyota's chief takes center stage and says he is deeply saddened by the deaths as a result of his cars but that did not stop lawmakers from grilling him and grilling him hard. one writes toyota is an american car company and wondered if the federal government might attack toyota just to promote gm and chrysler, which the government bailed out. the mississippi governor, haley barbour, he's here in "the situation room" to explain. >>> and did an employee for the company formerly known as blackwater take weapons intended for the afghan national police using a name from the animated show "southpark"? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> all the recalls, deaths and a public disaster over toyota, this was the man so many people have been waiting for, the president of toy toit ta explaining it all to lawmakers. but he was also talking to you. a congressional panel is investigating the recall of more than 8 million vehicles over issues of sudden acceleration and unresponsive brake pedals. akio toyoda began with an acknowledgment. >> in the
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